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  Dear friends,

  As we all know, we are what we eat. Therefore, it’s very important for us to form healthy eating habits. However, bad eating habits are still very common among us students. Some of us often go to school without breakfast; some like to have snacks; some others are particular about food; and still some eat or drink too much. All these bad habits will surely do harm to our health.

  To keep fit, we should have various healthy diets, which generally include proper amounts of fish, meat, vegetables, fruit as well as main food. Besides, we’d better have meals regularly.

  In my opinion, we should try to develop healthy eating habits to build up a strong body. Only in this way can we have enough energy to study better.

  That’s all. Thank you!

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  Ladies and Gentlemen, Good morning! I’m very glad to stand here and give you a short speech.

  Man’s life is a process of growing up, actually I’m standing here is a growth. If a person’s life must constituted by various choices, then I grow up along with these choices. Once I hope I can study in a college in future, however that’s passed, as you know I come here, now I wonder what the future holds for me.

  When I come to this school, I told to myself: this my near future, all starts here. Following I will learn to become a man, a integrated man, who has a fine body, can take on important task, has independent thought, an open mind, intensive thought, has the ability to judge right and wrong, has a perfect job.

  Once my teacher said :” you are not sewing, you are stylist; never forget which you should lay out to people is your thought, not craft.” I will put my personality with my interest and ability into my study, during these process I will combine learning with doing. If I can achieve this “future”, I think that I really grow up. And I deeply believe kindred, good-fellowship and love will perfection and happy in the future.

  How to say future? Maybe it’s a nice wish. Lets make up our minds, stick to it and surely well enjoy our life.

关于小学生英语演讲稿范文_展现你的口语魅力 篇3

  The word, friend, covers a wide range of meanings. It can be a noddingacquaintance, a comrade, a confidant, a partner, a playmate, an intimatecolleague, etc.

  Everyone needs friendship. No one can sail the ocean of life single-handed.We need help from, and also give help to, others. In modern society, peopleattach more importance to relations and connections. A man of charisma has manyfriends. His power lies in his ability to give.

  As life is full of strife and conflict, we need friends to support and helpus out of difficulties. Our friends give us warnings against danger. Our friendsoffer us advice with regard to how do deal with various situations. True friendsshare not only our joys but also our sorrows.

  With friendship, life is happy and harmonious. Without friendship, life issad and unfortunate. I have friends in high positions and friends in the rankand file. Some are rich and in power. Some are relatively poor and withoutpower. Some are like myself, working as a teacher, reading and writing, contentwith a simple life. We all care for each other, love and help each other. Wefeel we are happiest when we chat and exchange ideas with one another. With myfriends, I know what to treasure, what to tolerate and what to share.

  I will never forget my old friends, and I'll keep making new friends. Iwill not be cold and indifferent to my poor friends, and I will show concern forthem, even if it is only a comforting word.






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  As is known to all, with the improvement of people's living standards, cars have become a popular means of transport, bringing great convenience to our life. However, they have also caused some problems such as air pollution and traffic jams. How can we solve these problems then? As far as I'm concerned, riding bicycles is a good solution. For one thing, bicycles don't need any petrol and they are energy-saving. For another, bicycles are environmentally friendly because they won't give off waste gas. What's more, riding bicycles is a good way for us to exercise and it is good for our health. Therefore, let's take the responsibility to build up a lowcarbon city by riding bicycles. Come on and join us! Thank you for listening!

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  dear teacher and classmates:

  i am very glad to say something here. at this time, i'd like to talk about my hobbies.

  i have many hobbies. first, i like playing video games. computer games are cool. i like cs best. i could play it all day. secound, i like all kinds of sports. i like being outdoors. i love fresh air and sunshine. playing football with friends is fun. swimming in the sea is my favorite. in addition, i like to draw pictures at home. i often read comics on the bed in the evening. it's my secret. hey, buddy. please don't tell my parents. furthermore, i like music. i like singing. i ofen sing film songs while i walk in the street. of course, i learn english everyday. as you know, english is used everywhere in the world. so i learn english very hard. i hope i can travel around the world and speak english with foreigners someday. then i can talk about the beijing 20xx olympic games with them. it's my colorful dream in the english world.

  there is more i like to do. there is more i want to say. maybe i can tell you more next time. thank you for listening.

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  Today I am very happy,Because I can talk about with you.You see I am a lovely girl,yes!I like laughing,I like studying.That`s me-- zhuyingjie from Badong shiyan primary school.I am eight. I am young but I know “we are the masters of nature.” We have only one earth. But now,the environment becomes worse and worse. As you know,there's no enough clean water for people. So many of them lose their lives because of water.If we take good care of our earth today,it will be more beautiful tomorrow.

  My dear friend let us start from the trivial side,To be a good kid keeper.

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  Learn How to Say No

  We've all been taught that we should help people. It is the right thing to do and will make us popular with others. It may even win us favors in return. However, we must be realistic. We can't say yes to every request. If we did, we would fail or go crazy for sure. Sometimes we simply don't have the time to help. In this case, we must know how to say no politely.

  When we need to say no, here is one method we can try. First, we should tell the truth. If we really can't do something, we should just say so. Second, we should remember to refuse requests politely. We must communicate clearly, but must also be sincere and sympathetic. A true friend will understand. Finally, we must not feel guilty about saying no. Sometimes refusing others is the right thing to do. It can save ourselves, and them, a lot of trouble. In short, we cannot please everyone all the time. Refusing favors is a part of life.

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  my honorable teachers , my beloved schoolmates.good morning everyone,

  may i have your attention,please? i am glad to be able to give a lecture onthis classroom. this once , i want to talk about english. my topic ofconversation is that i love english.

  as everyone knows,english is very important today.it has been usedeverywhere in the world.it has become the most common language on internet andfor international trade. if we can speak english well,we will have more chanceto succeed.because more and more people have taken notice of it,the number ofthe people who go to learn english has increased at a high speed.

  but for myself,i learn english not only because of its importance and itsusefulness,but also because of my love for it.when i learn english, i can feel adifferent way of thinking which gives me more room to touch the world.when iread english novels,i can feel the pleasure from the book which is differentfrom reading the translation.when i speak english, i can feel the confident frommy words.when i write english,i can see the beauty which is not the same as ourchinese...

  i love english,it gives me a colorful dream.i hope i can travel around theworld one day. with my good english, i can make friends with many people fromdifferent contries.i can see many places of great intrests.i dream that i can goto london,because it is the birth place of english.

  i also want to use my good english to introduce our great places to theenglish spoken people,i hope that they can love our country like us.

  i know, rome was not built in a day. i believe that after continuous hardstudy, one day i can speak english very well.

  if you want to be loved, you should learn to love and be lovable. so ibelieve as i love english everyday , it will love me too.

  i am sure that i will realize my dream one day!

  thank you!











关于小学生英语演讲稿范文_展现你的口语魅力 篇9

  Everyone is attracted by beauty and beauty is powerful. But what is true beauty? Perhaps you can get the answer from the following story.

  This morning I went to the market to buy some vegetables with my parents. On the way we all highly praised a young man in western-style clothes and leather shoes who was riding by. But he rode so fast that he knocked an old lady down carelessly.Instead of stopping, he pretended not to see this and rode away quickly. We were all very angry with the young man. To our happiness, a girl in plain dress ran forward at once, helped the lady up and took her home. We all praised the girl.

  From this we know we cannot judge a person by his appearance. A person who is dressed beautifully may not have a beautiful soul. Only a person who has a beautiful soul is really beautiful.

关于小学生英语演讲稿范文_展现你的口语魅力 篇10


  Everybody wishes (hopes) to get money so that he can maintain his livelihood. In other words, money is so useful that it is impossible for mankind to live without it. For this reason, we have an interesting proverb. It says “Money can make the world go around.” In a word, money is more powerful than anything else.

  However, money should not be wasted. It must be used for (some) proper purposes. We young men should form the good habit of not spending money in the wrong way.



关于小学生英语演讲稿范文_展现你的口语魅力 篇11

  Dear teacher and classmates:

  I am very glad to make a speech here in this class again! This time, I'd like to talk something about English.

  I love English. English language is now used everywhere in the world. It has become the most common language on Internet and for international trade. Learning English makes me confident and brings me great pleasure.

  When I was seven, my mother sent me to an English school. At there, I played games and sang English songs with other children . Then I discovered the beauty of the language, and began my colorful dream in the English world.

  Everyday, I read English following the tapes. Sometimes, I watch English cartoons.

  On the weekend, I often go to the English corner. By talking with different people there, I have made more and more friends as well as improved my oral English.

  I hope I can travel around the world someday. I want to go to America to visit Washington Monument, because the president Washington is my idol. Of course, I want to go to London too, because England is where English language developed. If I can ride my bike in Cambridge university, I will be very happy.

  I hope I can speak English with everyone in the world. I'll introduce China to them, such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City and Anshan.

  I know, Rome was not built in a day. I believe that after continuous hard study, one day I can speak English very well.

  If you want to be loved, you should learn to love and be lovable. So I believe as I love English everyday , it will love me too.

关于小学生英语演讲稿范文_展现你的口语魅力 篇12

  good morning, ladies and gentlemen, i’m very glad to make a speech here. today my topic is “i love you, china.”

  since the day i was born, i began to have a proud name—chinese. since the day i began to talk, the most beautiful sentence i’ve ever learnt has been “i love you, china!”

  i love you, china, and i’m so proud of being a chinese. i’m proud that i’ve got the beautiful yellow skin, black eyes and black hair. i’m also proud that i speak the most beautiful language in the world—chinese.

  i love you, china, for i can feel the deep love you give me every day, every minute. last year, i got an opportunity to visit the united states of america. during my staying there, my father’s boss once invited my family to dinner. while at table, he looked at me and asked: “little boy, how long have you been in america?” “about a month,” i answered, “how lucky you are!” he said, “if you were living in china, how could you learn such perfect english?” i smiled and told him proudly that all the students in china are able to learn english at school. i saw his surprised eyes and said to myself, “i’m proud of you, china. for you are offering us the best education.”

  when i came back from the usa, my friends asked me: “how do you feel about your staying there?” “wonderful” i said. “then why do you come back?” hearing this, i told them there were lots of beautiful countries in the world, but none of them can compare with our own country—china. how true the saying is: “there’s no place like home!”

  i love you, china. as a young student, all we should do is to study hard and devote ourselves whole-heartedly in the future, to the great cause of building you into an even stronger and greater country in the world. i love you, my dear motherland! i love you, china! thank you for your listening !

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  The fourth Thursday in November is called Thanksgiving Day. On this day, families and friends gather together, share a meal, and give thanks for the blessings of good health,food,jobs,and families.

  In 1620,a group of Pilgrims left from England to search for religious freedom,part of whom were Protestants.And they sailed to America on a small sailboat named the Mayflower finally. And they landed at what is now Plymouth, Massachusetts,in icy November. The price in human lives and tragedy had been great.



  On the other hand,they saw new hope for the future.The first official Thanksgiving in America took place in Plymouth colony, Massachusetts in October 1621.Thanksgiving did not become a national holiday until 1863 during the American Civil War.

  In the United States,thanksgiving dinner is practically the same all over the country. The table is always loaded with delicious food of many different kinds.Naturally,the main course is turkey(a bird native to the Americans),with an array of vegetables and desserts.Pumpkin pie is often served in remembrance of the first settlers.


关于小学生英语演讲稿范文_展现你的口语魅力 篇14

  A little bird fly to south for the winter. It was very cold, almost frozen bird. Hence, fly to a large space, after a cow there, in a pile of cow dung upon the bird, frozen bird lying on the dunghill, feel very warm, gradually recovered, it is warm and comfortable lying, and soon began to sing songs, a passing wildcat hear voices, see, follow the voice, wildcats quickly found lying on the dunghill, bird, pull it out.

  The way of existence: not everyone to lead the dung upon your people are your enemy. Each of you is not from the dunghill lire people are your friends, and, when you lying on the dunghill, had better keep your mouth shut.




关于小学生英语演讲稿范文_展现你的口语魅力 篇15

  Hello, everyone, I’m Liu Dongdong. I’m a student. There are three people in my family—my father, mother and I.

  My father is 40 years old. He is a worker. I think he is a good worker. Because he works very hard. He gets up very early every day and he works for more than 10 hours a day. So he is always busy, he looks very tired when he gets 小学 home. He likes reading newspapers. He usually reads it after supper. So he gets lots of news.

  My mother is 38 years old. She is a worker too. She works in a very small factory. She is not tall and she has two big eyes. She loves me and she is good for me. She always buys some books for me. She wants me to be a top student. She also cares for my diet and life.

  I’ m 15 years old. I wear glasses. I like reading. I always read books after school. I like singing, too. My favorite singer is Jay Chou. His music is very nice. What do you think of him? I also like making friends. If you want to meet me, please write to me.

  Oh, my parents love me and I love them, too. My family is a happy family.









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