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chat on the internet

发表时间:2010年12月08日   作者:匿名

  i have received a e-mail from an old friend yesterday. she asked how my summer holiday is.had i ever gone to somewhere for pleasure ! and also ,told me that she wanted to go around for fun ,but ,unfortunately,there is no time! what a pity !so ,if i would get to work ,how will my life be? what type of jobs should i choose? uh ,maybe i think a lot ! how time flies! i have reached school for almost half a month.came to read articles day by day.

  homely &comely appearance! want to make a beating plan! buy some herbs ,face-mask and so on . surfing the internet ,i chance meet a stranger ,he has a beatiful net-mane,it give me a good sence,so i made him into my friends-list,and then i found ,that he has doctor degree. and he is of great knowlege! uh ,and a confident man! but unluckly ,he divorced .maybe in our country ,divorcement is normal .but i feel unsafety. i must get to listen "4+1" oral english now ,continue it later!