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About the Internet and

发表时间:2010年10月19日   作者:zhangchu

  About the Internet and Getting online Now Internet is the most important in our life. It is very popular in many kinds of works. It’s useful for people. They can talk about business on it. People also can go shopping there and find much useful information on it. We can send E-mails and read news. It’s a good way to work and study. So, people are busy learning about the Internet. Internet is quite a good way to know the world. It is one of the most important inventions. But lots of middle students can’t use it well. They are confused about Internet. They only play computer games, get online, listen to the music, talk with friends and so on. They often spend too much time on these boring things. Some students stay in front of computer all day. They don’t sleep and get on-line in the whole evening. The next day, when the class begins, they feel tired and sleep on the desk so that they can’t listen to the teachers carefully. They don’t know what the teachers say. Then, they’ll get a bad score in the exam. So, they think studying is hard. Getting online too much time not only shapes your study, but also costs much money. In fact, getting online isn’t a bad thing. If you can use right time, you will get much knowledge and something interesting on computer. For students, you also can study on it. You can open up your sight, not be a stickler for books. You also can relax yourself by these items. I warn you the best time of playing computer is during holiday, not every day. Remember to use Internet correctly. It’s good for you. Ning https://www.zuowenku.net Class 1, Grade 9