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Honest Peter

发表时间:2010年05月31日   作者:广西桂林乐群小学

  A long time ago an boy that called Peter .One day Peter went to his aunt’ home with his mother, then they arrived Peter was played with his brother but unlucky thing were happened Peter incautious trample his aunt’s just now grow tree, he was very afraid .At the time he thought: if I accept the fault aunt must be blame me, after sometime Peter’s heart feel if I evade this thing after some days aunt knows this thing she must think I wasn’t a honest boy So he brave tell his aunt this thing then he was very ashamed of he was trample his aunt’s tree but aunt didn’t blame even applaud Peter was a honest boy .Since I was heard this story I knew what the honest’s mean haply honest was courage, haply honest was confidence, haply honest was successful also honest was win other person’s respect anyway honest was so important in our life.