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  dear (bosss name),

  i am convinced that i could make an impact and add value as a (job title) in your department。 as we reviewed my background, i hope that you came to a similar conclusion。 it was indeed a pleasure to discuss the opportunities with you。 i thank you again for the opportunity and look forward to our next interaction。

  again, you can reach me (when) (call time) at (telephone), or you may leave a message on my answering machine, and i will return your call promptly。




  Dear ms grasso:

  thank you for interviewing me at credit technologies。 i was impressed with the pany and the type of banking services the corporation provides。

  your ments gave me a good understanding of the business and your expectations for the attorney you are seeking。 i am confident that my background and experience in banking law and my ability to analyze statutes and regulations in detail could be useful to credit technologies。

  if you were to offer me this position, i believe that i could provide services that would meet the high standards of your corporation。

  i look forward to talking again with you soon。

  very truly yours,

  richard t。 hamilton


  Dear Mr Li,

  I’m very excited to write to express my thanks to you。 I am now a freshman of Wuhan University, which I have been dreaming about。 Mr Li, I still remember the days when you taught me English。 My English has been improved greatly because of your creative work。 However, at one time, the pressure of examinations, too much homework and the high expectations made me depressed。 I was tired of the warning that if I didn’t do my best, I wouldn’t have the chance to go to college。 Thanks for your encouragement; if not, I wouldn’t have realized my dream。 And now I really understand you。 I wish more and more of your students could go to their ideal colleges。 Are you still so busy? How I miss you!

  Hoping to hear from you soon。


  Li Hua


  Dear Jones,

  I wish to express my thanks to you for the wonderful vacation I spent with you and your family.

  During the vacation, you were so nice to teach me how to swim , boat and fish. I also really appreciated that you showed me around the city and took me to so many interesting places and tasted some delicious local food . You were so helpful as to spare your time to take me to some parties and shows, through which I experienced the local culture . Your family were also very friendly . Especially ,Your mother is such an excellent cook that I enjoyed delicious meals every day .

  I am really thankful for you and your family. Let’s keep in touch with each other and welcome to my country . I’m looking forward to meeting you at my hometown!

  Yours Li Hua


  dear all,

  its time to say goodbye to everyone today. i will leave this afternoon.

  in __x years, with you good friends, i have so much happy memory. i will never forget that and they are my largest fortune in my life.

  it is my pleasure to work with you and i appreciate much that you have shared precious time with me. thank you for sharing, support, help and encouragement and thank you for everything!

  wish you happy and healthy!

  keep in touch via


  dear sirs:

  thanks for your visit to our company,i hope our administrative model andproducts quality level have impressed you.

  in __x(此处替换成你公司所在城市),it is still hot these days,but it does not prevent your comming here,we were touched deeply and appreciated for your efforts and time.we believe that our joint efforts could lead to a fruitful cooperation.and your visit would be a hopeful start.

  in fact,since __,our company proceeded to extend business on european andamerican market.our products gained glory by its quality and our prompt and considerate service.so ,we hope we could serve you similarly to gain benefits forboth of us.action speaks louder than speak,we are looking forward to our in-deapthcooperation,we believe that our establishing relation will be lead to a bright and hopeful future. again,thanks for your visit and efforts.if any question or further information about us,pls do not hesitate to contact with us,for your convenience,following is

  our contact methods:


  looking forward to your prompt reply ,thank you .

  yours faithfull


  My dearest Mother,

  The mother‘s day is ing and I would like to say Happy mother‘s day in this letter。 I love you and thank you so much for everything you did for me。 This day, I will stay away and can‘t give you my appreciation at home。 I know I will watch myself, so don‘t worry about me。 I am doing very well on my study。 My schoolmates and teachers are all very nice。 Though I can‘t be at home, I hope you have a wonderful mother‘s day。


  Your son