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  Dear Headmaster,

  I am a student of our school.I,d like to say something about the canteen service in our school.

  There are 3 advantages of canteen service in our school.First,our canteen is very clean,Second,the food is delicious,Third,the attitude of service is good.

  But it also has some disadvantages . Such as the price of the food is high, few variety to choose from,too long waiting time for buying food.

  In my opinion,we can invite our student to take part in the canteen for offering the help.We may let the student list the food they like to let the canteen to make it.

  I hope more and more student will like our canteen service.


  Dear President,


  I am an ordinary student in the school, I have lived in the school for more than five years, our school is a beautiful big garden, is the teachers, classmates common home. Here, I can smell the fresh air every day, I feel happy for I can study in such an environment. However, I found that some students are destroying our home. Look at the plastic bags of bread dancing in the hallway. However, none of the students passing by will pick it up. In order to provide a better environment for the school, I would like to make the following suggestions:

  1. Tell the students about environmental protection with the red scarf broadcast and publicity column.

  2. Set up an environmental protection team and invite students to participate voluntarily. Students from the environmental protection team will go to the corridors of each floor for inspection at regular times every day. If you see a student throw it, give appropriate criticism. And give rewards to those who find out.

  3. Call on students to make a handwritten newspaper about environmental protection to enhance their awareness of environmental protection.

  4. Set up a green mobile red flag rating column. Let the students from the environmental protection team go to each class at 2:30 p.m. every day to check the health situation and urge the students to pay attention to health.

  The above is my suggestion, I hope you can take it and make our school a more beautiful big garden.

  Your students:


  Dear Mr. Headmaster,

  I am Li Hua , a student from class one ,senior II . I am writing to draw your attention to some improper behavior among us students : littering and scribbling . It makes our school dirty and unpleasant , and does harm to the image of our school . I always feel ashamed whenever I see this . It is clearly not appropriate for a student to litter and scribble about. I wonder if the school could place more dustbins around and set up specific rules against such behavior. At the same time , students should be encouraged to develop good habits and better behave themselves.

  I believe that , with the joint efforts of bother teachers and students ,our school will become a more enjoyable place in the near future. Thank for your consideration.

  Yours faithfully,

  Li Hua


  Dear President:

  I am Wang Fei,a second year student in the Education Department of OUF university.Im writing to inform you of the true conditions of our canteen service.

  I dont know how to begin my account because the service is really bad.Please read my letter patiently and do something about it.We would be grateful for whatever you do for us students.

  Firstly,the quality of the food is bad.For instance,the rice is too hard.Whats more,some dishes are not fresh sometimes.As a matter of fact,the poor food has already caused some stomach problems among the students.

  Secondly,the service is not good enough.Some staff members give us short measure when they are in a bad mood.Now and then they behave like robbers,robbing you of your appetite.Worst of alit they never smile.

  Thirdly,the price is too high.A small cake made from rice and dates cost as much as 0.6 yuan!It will cost us a good 6 yuan to fill our stomach with such cakes.After all we are poor students.

  I wish my opinion would call your attention to the canteen service on campus.We are badly in need of your help.

  Looking forward to an early reply.


  Dear Mr. President,


  I am writing this letter to you to express my concern about the sports facilities on campus. I have noticed that our university has very limited resources in terms of opportunities to participate in sports, especially given that the number of students on campus is increasing every year.


  As we both know, sports are very important for the sound growth of young people. If they have access to quality sports facilities, young people are able to choose a healthier lifestyle, to boost self-esteem and confidence, and to build a positive outlook and sense of achievement.


  My proposal is to build a new sports area. It should be designed with soccer players, basketball players, and ping-pong players in mind. It should have a different section for each activity and be available to students all year round. I believe such facilities will meet our sporting needs.


  Thank you for your reading this letter.


  Yours faithfully,

  Li Ming