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  Related enterprises:

  To promote the industrialization of agriculture, commercial construction, promote the name special new agricultural and sideline products production, processing and marketing docking, agricultural enterprises project development and social institutions and financing docking, characteristics exploitation of agricultural resources and high-tech research results into the butt.

  The purpose of pragmatic, efficient, convenient thrift, Chinese business enterprise management Association of Rural Business Development Committee (hereinafter referred to as Chinas Rural Commercial Commission) 20__ is scheduled for early September 2007 in Beijing held 20__. Beijing special new agricultural and sideline products production, sale and development of cooperation Fair.

  Fair fitting in the selection of a certain strength of a special new agricultural and sideline products production enterprises (Regional Industry Association), in Beijing selection about 10 large-scale wholesale markets, supermarket chains, also invited some institutions buy units, and benefit of financial institutions, Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the news media to participate in, and invited the Ministry of agriculture, Ministry of Commerce, all China Federation of supply and marketing cooperatives, ministries and leaders to attend. Sincerely welcome the willingness of participation and support of business registration, the title sponsor of this event. The relevant matters are as follows:

  The organizer: Chinese Commercial Commission

  Support unit: Information center of the Ministry of Agriculture

  Time and place:

  Time: 20__ in early September (2 days), the specific time to be registered after the notification of the participating units,

  Location: seven Beijing Road, No. 22 Fengtai District Zhuang Yingxiang hotel.


  Dear Li Hua,

  I had a birthday party at my home last month .I invited some of my classmates to the party . The party began at 8a.m .on Sunday . All my classmates were not be late. I was very happy. We ate some western food.They were very nice.Some of my classmates brought their own food. They shared their food with us. Because they are very friendly.

  We also played games. It was very interesting. All my classmates were very happy. I danced with my best friends. And all my classmates danced very beautifully! They sang a song Happy Birthday to me. And then they gave me a lot of presents. I was very thankful. All of us had a good time on that day!

  Do you have free time? I want to visit you next year?


  Distinguished members and related enterprises:

  To help the enterprises in Shenzhen to explore the international market, understand foreign industry production and market cutting-edge information, strengthen international economic and trade exchanges and cooperation, Shenzhen Baoan District Creative Industry Federation by Sri Lanka National Ministry of Commerce invited, in December 20__ the organization went to Sri Lanka to study business and economic and trade negotiation activities.

  The visit will be arranged to listen to Sri Lanka National Ministry of Commerce officials to introduce Sri Lanka, the use of foreign investment policy and investment cooperation projects, a comprehensive understanding of Sri Lankas investment environment, but also visit Sri Lankas factories, enterprises and integrated trade market, the field of Sri Lankas change and economic operation. During the visit will also visit Sri Lanka cultural attractions, more abundant content and travel itinerary.

  We sincerely invite the industry associations, enterprises and related units to actively participate.

  Due to the limited number of activities, please pay close attention to registration!

  Registration deadline: November 20, 2020.


  Dear Linda,

  We haven’t seen each other for six years after graduation.

  I am so glad to hear that you have graduated from UCLA and come back to work in Suzhou.

  If you are free this Saturday, please come to Shanghai and have a good time with me.

  We can first go to the Century Park, where the flowers are all in blossom.

  Let’s go boating on the lake —isn’t it pleasant in the cool breeze? Then I will treat you to dinner at a western restaurant on Huaihai Road—it is small but really nice—I’m sure you will enjoy it.

  After dinner, let’s go to a concert—you are a music lover, aren’t you?

  If you couldn’t come, please notify me before Friday.

  If you can, please tell me which train you will take and I will meet you at the railway station.

  I am looking forward to meeting you.

  Sincerely yours,

  Li Ming


  Dear Blake,

  Mrs. White will soon leave for the United States and we will held a farewell party for her which takes place from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Friday, May 20, 2012 at the School Club. I am very pleased to invite you toparticipatein the farewell party. Another two foreign teachers you know, Mr. Frazer and Miss Gree are also invited. Please join us to say goodbye to Mrs. White. You are hoped to arrive at 5:50 p.m. I look forward to see you on May 20.

  Yours sincerely,

  Yan Yang


  Dear Mike,

  This Saturday is my birthday and my parents will hold a simple celebrating party for me. I am glad to invite you to come to the party. Blair, Emma and Roan will also be invited. I am sure we will have a good time. We will have dinner at 18:30 so that you are wished to come at 18:15. My mother is a good cook and you will enjoy the dishes. After the dinner, we will play some small games and then eat the cake. My parents and I sincerely expect you to come and hope to see you then.

  True yours,



  Dear sir / madam:


  We are very pleased to invite you to participate in the twenty-eighth session of the Asia Pacific Regional Conference on food and Agriculture Organization of the Asia Pacific region, which will be held in Beijing on twenty-first Century 15-16, held by the United Nations Food and agriculture organization. The theme of this meeting is: from the agenda to the action - following the non governmental organization for food sovereignty forum.

  The consultation meeting was organized by the Asian Association of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the international food sovereignty Commission (IPC-Asia), and the cooperation of the China International Civil organization. By then, more than 80 private organizations from the Asia Pacific region more than 100 representatives will attend the meeting. The conference declaration will be held in the 27 session of the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization Asia Pacific Conference on May 17-21.

  The main topics of this meeting include:

  1 the regional and national levels of the non governmental organizations in the food and agriculture sector in the Asia Pacific region to implement the global action agenda / civil society strategy.

  2 non governmental organizations in the areas of food and agriculture in the Asia Pacific region to determine the future of the participants in the current situation.

  3 participating agencies to draft the proposal submitted to the twenty-seventh United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization Asia Pacific Conference, continue to call for the maintenance of the interests of farmers.

  Sincerely look forward to your active support and participation!