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  Dear Ms. Reinhart,

  I am terribly sorry that I failed to arrive at BLCU last Friday. I hope that this did not mess you up completely, although I know that you had already made some special arrangements for my visit with you parents and friends. I am very sorry about all that. I am sure you will be sympathetic, however, when I tell you that my father is dangerously ill in hospital, and that I found it impossible to leave for the visit when he is in this state.

  My father was working very hard on his project on protecting the environment. I know the project has come to a very important stage. He and his assistants did not take regular rest for three weeks. Last night, my father had a heart attack and was soon sent to the hospital. The doctor said my father was in a very serious situation, and, he might need an operation.

  24 hours have passed. Nothing has changed. I have to stay at the hospital. I will let you know if there is any good news.

  I am sorry again and look forward to seeing you soon.

  Yours sincerely,

  Tom Williams


  Dear Friends,

  Please accept my sincere apology for the inconvenience that I caused you by adding the extra visiting without your permission.

  I had no intention of intruding on your personal life. In China, arranging interesting leisure activities for visitors is a common way to show welcome. However, as your receptionist, I should have realized that you are inclined to regard your private time as an inviolable treasure and hate to be harassed by unplanned matters.

  Im really sorry that I didnt check with you before making such incomsiderate arrangement .All I can say is that it wont happen again.




  Dear John,

  I am eagerly looking forward to your visit to our city. After all these years of writing to each other, I can not wait to see you. However, I regret to inform you that I will not be able to meet you at the airport on time.

  The reason is that your flight will arrive early in the morning, and the earliest I can reach the airport will be about an hour after you land. Will you please wait for me in the arrival lounge? You can have breakfast while you wait.

  By the way, as we have never met I must tell you home to identify me: I am of 165cm tall and have a long hair. In addition, I will wear a white skirt and carry a China Daily at hand.

  Hope we can meet soon.

  Sincerely yours,



  Dear David:

  I am afraid that you will think me unpardonably negligent in not having answered your letter dated 7, December sooner, but when I have told you the reason, I trust you will be convinced that the neglect was excusable. When your letter arrived, I was just in Hong Kong. As my family could not forward it to me during my absence, it has been, therefore, lying on my desk until the moment when I took it up. Now the first thing I have to hasten to do is to write to you these few lines to express my deep regret.

  I enjoyed many pleasant sights during my trip. I shall be pleased to give you an account to of them when I see you next.

  Sincerely yours,


  Dear Anne,

  Thank you for your invitation to dinner at your home tomorrow evening. Unfortunately, it is much to my regret that I cannot join you and your family, because I will be fully occupied then for an important exam coming the day after tomorrow. I feel terribly sorry for missing the chance of such a happy get-together, and I hope that all of you enjoy a good time. Is it possible for you and me to have a private meeting afterward? If so, please dont hesitate to drop me a line about your preferable date. I do long for a pleasant chat with you.

  Please allow me to say sorry again.


  Li Ming


  Dear Kate:

  Excuse me for my long delaying in returning to you your “Robinson Crusoe” which I read through with great interest. I had finished reading the book and was about to return it when my cousin came to see me. Never having seen the book, She was so interested in it that I had to retain it longer. However, I hope that in view of the additional delight thus afforded by your book, you will overlook my negligence in not returning it sooner. Thanking you again for the loan.

  Sincerely yours,


  Dear Mr. Smith,

  I am indeed very sorry that I missed the examination on International Business English Writing you gave last Friday. I feel awful about it and want you to know what happened that day. I suddenly fell sick early that morning and my parents had to send me to the hospital. Please find enclosed a copy of the medical bill. I sincerely hope you can understand my situation and accept my apology. I would appreciate your allowing me to take a make-up examination. I will come to your office during your office hour on Monday to discuss this possibility with you. Once again, I apologize for any inconvenience caused. Sincerely yours, Wang Hua 范文 4 Directions: One of your pen friends, John, will be visiting your city. However, for some reasons, you can not meet him at the airport on time. Write a letter asking to wait for you at the airport and tell him how to recognize you. Your letter should be no less than 100 words. You don’t need to write the address. Don’t sign your own name at the end of the letter, use Alice instead.

  Sincerely yours,