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发表时间:2021年01月13日   作者:あさの

  If it has affected the breathing, the formation of open mouth breathing, then surgery should be performed. wBecause open mouth breathing will also affect the child's facial development, it is recommended to have a cough operation after ear bathant. If the root is not loose, it can be repaired. If possible, root canal therapy should be performed first.

  There are foreign bodies, so they can be photographed. This can be shown. It's just that there's a foreign body. She may have exceeded it, that's to say, she rushed too much. If there is a problem, we should do it again under the microscope. Take out the material and do it again. If he can't sleep well, he won't express himself, so he will turn over all the time. There are many reasons, but the first thing is to check the parasites.

  If the temperature is very high, you should wear less children's warm and cold clothes. In fact, your feeling is not much different from that of yourparents. No, no, but you need to check for parasites first? There's no need to eat without parasites.

  This is done through the way of stool examination, also take a little when the child defecates, and take it to the hospital in a clean box. If the child's other aspects are normal, you can make up the bill, mainly let the doctor see if there is any problem with hair development face to face? Did the fontanelle close prematurely? It also needs to be broken. It should be broken after more than six months.

  In fact, I didn't see any foreign matter, but chongtian didn't do it well. Does the child have complement vitamin D at ordinary times? Oh, because of this. Which kind of vitamin D is like Yi Kexin a day? Don't eat when your temperature is above 38 degrees, but also take anti-inflammatory drugs regularly. I can fight hunger better because of this. It's mainly night milk. In this way, the pressure of the child's mother will also be reduced, so that she can have a goodIf the indoor temperature is high, don't give the children too thick clothes and covers very thick quiltleep at night