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发表时间:2020年12月04日   作者:Hoshigum

  This is a self-report from a friend.Depression is not simply the opposite of happiness. It is actually the disappearance of body energy, a state of being unable toaccomplish anything. Even simple food and sleep, such as some of the most basic things in our eyes have become increasingly difficult, like mountains that can never be crossed. How much resistance.

  Don't you know what to do? It's just that the body doesn't have the ability to do it. I don't even know. Endless grief swept over, drowning themselves in the waves of pain. Now he has nothing to do with his age. As for suffocation

  Formal? Does it hurt? The innermost teeth at this age should be wisdom teeth. It is believed that it will damage the brain.

  As a chronic disease, it may take a long time to recover and be prepared for long-term treatment. It's just disappointment. Even if it's the so-called mutual comfort between patients, it can't be touched.

  How many people are just in order not to hurt others, just forced their own pain to live. Some people say that there are hundreds of talents who have a reason to survive, but I think those fetters will only bring too much burden to people, so that I can not extricate myself.

  Only from the reality, Tao Li can stay away from the pain temporarily, but escape is not a life-long thing. Maybe only when it is over, everything is forever free.