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Fall Sick

发表时间:2020年11月29日   作者:艾雨柔

  I know it can't always be like this. Bear a headache to crack the pain, get out of bed to get cold medicine, antipyretic medicine. It seems to be very effective. After eating it, the headache is relieved and the whole person becomes sleepy.

  Just as I was about to fall asleep, a burning sensation in my stomach made me sleepless. The pain increased a little bit, just like a fire burning in the stomach, 12 was pricking, as if many needles had been stabbing.

  Maybe it is taking medicine on an empty stomach, so that those drugs stimulate the stomach. In fact, even after eating, they often suffer from pills. I restart the weak body, looking for some snacks to eat. Hope to be able to neutralize gastric acid, reduce gastrointestinal irritation. Food spasm instead. Enter on the contrary further stimulate, this already overburdened Wei ache begins to aggravate a burst of contracture. It's like a towel with a twisted collar.

  Personal constitution is not the same, and if the operation is strong, along the skin cut line to cut, then the possibility of scar will be reduced. It's not a little dance. I've heard it before. Which one is that?