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On Equality

发表时间:2020年11月20日   作者:艾雨柔

  In the enlightenment, Rousseau once put forward the proposition that human beings are equal, but this is just a voice calling for equality, which can not be realized in the end. From birth, even before birth, people have been laid an unequal fate.

  People have different talents, not to mention the childlike innocence of Dandan, which is quite different from each other.

  Today I met such a woman:she was through the test tube baby, finally pregnant with a child, but in the examination, but found that the child with congenital malformations. Collapse, do not know how to face. Before that, I have encountered children with chromosome defects, which lead to mental retardation. Parents seek solutions.

  In fact, this kind of congenital chromosome defects can only be said to be a kind of unfair fate. Not everyone can be as lucky as in the news. Most of the gifted children suffer from this disease and can only spend their lives in regret.

  From the very beginning, the seeds of unfairness have been buried in everyone's life. Even in today's increasingly mature gene editing technology and prosecution technology, it is impossible to completely eliminate this inequality.

  From the perspective of social Darwinian theory, it is precisely because of this difference and inequality that the society can make continuous progress.

  However, behind this progress, there is too much sadness, and people always feel that the theory is cold and hard, which makes people feel helpless.