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P.E Score

发表时间:2020年11月20日   作者:艾雨柔

  It is also the basis of teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, which is related to the lifeblood of thousands of students.

  There is no absolute fairness in the world, but we always strive for relative fairness through unremitting efforts. Students with different physical qualities may differ by more than ten or even more than 20 points. Some are born strong and flexible, others are thin.

  It is also a problem worthy of consideration by ever. You can get good results without much efforty educator. It reflects the investigation of students' comprehensive quality, and breaks the deadlock that the score of culture course determines everything. Spend several times more time than others.

  The level of physical education achievement is closely related to students' physical quality.

  There are big individual differences. But this congenital deficiency can not be regarded as the standard of exempting sports from examination. For those students with congenital deficiency and minor physical defects, it is impossible to obtain good sports results. So I think. Remember that in the assessment, the gap between college students should not be distinguished, but should be relatively narrowed.