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发表时间:2020年11月20日   作者:艾雨柔

  There is no way to pull this horizontal impaction, so it is recommended to remove their implant teeth, and the sequence is not strictly required. It is to go to the Department of stomatology for treatment of teeth, not resection, nor take medicine.

  Need to correct chewing habits, unilateral chewing will lead to partial jaw, can go to the Department of Stomatology to correct teeth. I just saw a person on the platform asking for help, saying that her child had a headache. Well, when it comes to the headache of 16-year-old children, they can't be cured all the time.

  What are the symptoms of all kinds of pain? Very bloated, or will change the position of the pain, anyway is anxious, alas. We didn't find out what the reason was. We just did the Doppler ultrasound of the brain.

  We found that there was an artery with faster flow velocity. I couldn't see it. I understand what that means? Later, there was no good way to cure the disease. Alas, she also does not understand, but you see sometimes the baby is not nervous, there is nothing, it hurts.

  I still quite understand that parent's mood. Maybe after a period of time, he doesn't want to take his children to see a doctor, and he begins to accept this reality.