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English words learning

发表时间:2020年10月13日   作者:nothing

  here am I,today we will learn some words we never learned.let's remember them.

  foundation,which means the most basic part of sth. after trying for a long time,and it can be used as"we should improve all foundation."and the next word is resource,it's a really difficult word,it means sth. you can use to help you to achieve sth. esp. in your work or study.what's more things such as coal,trees,and oil that exist in nature and can be used by people also the meaning of resource.there are another word "faculty",and the meaning of this word is "all the teachers in a university,college,or school,a natural physical or mental ability that most people have."

  let me introduce the last word,comprehensive.it's a adj. word. the meaning is "including many details or aspects of sth."

  if you want to learn English words more,please bookmark my home page in the Zuowenku. Goodbye and see you next time.