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湖人总冠军Lakers championship

发表时间:2020年10月11日   作者:匿名

  Today ,the NBA final game G5 have finished,the Lakers which with the greatest player Lebron James and Anthony Davis have been defeated,because the Jimmy butler who playing in the heat finished his job very well.so the two teams score come to 3:2,the "湖人总冠军Lakers championship" can not come true.

  I hope that the next game the Lakers can play better and the Anthony Davis will not hurt himself.I will shout out the slogan"湖人总冠军Lakers championship",and all of the Lakers' fans will be excited.

  I can not waiting to see Lebron James rise the champion trophy.let's fight,we will reach our goal.

  Whatever,Lebron James is my GOAT(greatest of all time).just win for kobe!