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english words learning

发表时间:2020年10月11日   作者:匿名

  today I want to learn English words by writing article.Now let's go.

  the first word is "triumph",which means an important victory or success after a difficult struggle.the second word is "pledge",which means make a formal,usu,public,promise that you will do sth. Or a serious promise or agreement,esp. one made publicly or officially.and that next one is "pose ",I think many people know it, it means sit or stand somewhere so that sb. can take a photograph of you or paint a picture of you.

  there are only three words but there are already a lot of words in the text,so I will try my best to finish it as soon as possible.

  routine,your usual way of doing things,esp.when you do them in a fixed order at the same time,happening as a normal part of a job or process.attain,succeed in achieving sth. after trying for a long time.

  that's all,thank you for reading my article.