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发表时间:2020年10月10日   作者:匿名

  how time flies ,I'm here writing diary again .it's seven o'clock now ,and one of my roommates is playing guitar ,another is watching the world game of lol, the last one is chatting with his new girlfriend .I can't play guitar ,I don't like watching lol game,I do not have girlfriend ,such a poor guy.

  today we have the class of AIdaolun,it's a class which need to use the openpose ,but my computer can not run it at first ,when class began ,I have tried it again and it worked out ,god ,what's the problem of my computer ?I have to finish my homework all in class ,so little time that we have ,obviously ,we didn't finished it.it's really shamed,I don't want to be like this,but I am not the leader ,I hope to be the leader but in fact my eloquence is not good.

  many things to do ,let's move up ,come on !