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Getting More Skilled in English

发表时间:2020年09月15日   作者:Bellena

  To my surprise, I can even use voice input with this input method, though this input method is developed in China which is not an English speaking country. Errors don't often occur, which makes me feel better. I think it means that my pronunciation is not so bad.

  I decide to write more articles in English in this way. There is one thing not so perfect about writing English. If one of my articles is rejected, I can't submit this article to other websites. That means I waste some time.

  However, I still think I should writing in English more. Now I have graduated many years and I don't often use English in my daily work. As a result, I begin to forget what I have learned in the past few years, which is really a pity.

  Several years ago I could read English articles and books in a high speed. I could finish reading a book quickly. Now I am not so scared in English. I think bilingual skill is very important at the present. That's why I want to continue learning English and practice more.

  I hate to say that, but my clients can be very tiring and disgusting sometimes. I don't think their mindset is good for their life, but it's none of my business and I can't change them. The best way for me is to keep them away sometimes so that I can both get happy and take some time learning English.

  Come on, I have made up my mind to work hard.