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    Taking a Break

    发表时间:2020年09月15日   作者:Bellena

      Recently my orders become less. I have been quite busy in the past few days. Nevertheless, I give myself a break today, feeling my mood gets much better. Admittedly, working all day long is rather boring and tiring.

      I don't want to be a horrible housewife, who is not interested in arts, science and nature, but only cares about money, laundry, food, cooking,daily expense and husband and kid. I know some housewives and I don't want to be a person like them. I want to live romantically and I don't think that is only fantasy.

      When I told this to my friends in a chat group, they said that I can't make money by taking a day off like this. Of course, I know that is a joke. I'm not living in poverty. So what? It doesn't matter that I earn less money. I can still live on my savings and my boyfriend will cover my expense.

      To tell the truth,I feel really relieved after having a rest. There's no wonder that I can get nervous and stressed because of work. Almost everyone feel stressful when they dedicate themselves to working.

      Anyway I think my income is okay today, although I don't spend much time working. I didn't take the full day off. I still worked for a short time. Two or three hours, I guess.

      Now the weekend has come. Honestly speaking, it's a proper time for me to have a good time with my boyfriend. He's my darling, my honey and I should take more time to spend with him.