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I'm so happy

发表时间:2020年01月12日   作者:廖氏独密作文

  I'm so happy Happiness can be many, happiness is like a long river, there are many types, can be encouraged to feel happy, can be a word to make you happy, can be a gift to make you happy, and I get happiness, is that bowl of steaming wonton. It was the winter of the year, the cold wind was piercing, I shivered, I woke up early, I found nothing, and went on sleeping. In my sleep, I seem to hear the sounds of pots and pans intertwined. After getting up, the sun father-in-law's warm sunshine has been sprinkled on the earth, very warm. I walked to the dining room, and immediately found a bowl of steaming wonton, which made me hungry early in the morning, I was delighted, even hurriedly picked up the bowl of wonton gobbling up the big eat, at this time, a gentle and kind big hand touched my head, I looked up, ah! It's mom! I only heard the kind words from my mother. Eat slowly, a little hot, be careful not to burn. At this moment, a warm current of gratitude flowed through my body, which warmed my whole body, and when I saw that my mother had a wrinkled face and a black eye, as if she had aged five years, suddenly something came to my mind, and I ran into the kitchen and found that all the bowls that had left me last night were gone. I ran to my mother and said aloud to him," Mother, you have worked hard! I love you! ” Happiness can help you stand up when you fail, give you the strength to persevere, just like a lighthouse, in your failure to guide you a successful road, let you stick to it, isn't it? .