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Learning English

发表时间:2019年07月12日   作者:小豆

  These days I was beginning to study english.

  I dowmload many software,which like BAICHIZHAN and BAICHIZHAN love reading,and Speak english fluently.

  I like these APP,there are wonderful.

  It's teaching me much new words,and pronunciation.

  I read stories in the App, and listening them.

  If I didn't kown which word's mean or pronunciation,I can use the APP translation function.

  It made me can understand new words,and inproved my english level.

  The english teacher told us ,we could found a friend who could chat with, it can lift up our oral english.

  Then,I found one,who was a teacher and spoke a great oral english.

  her english pronuciation was wonderful ,I admire her ,and want to learing from her.

  Now ,I'm starting write in english again,and I found it's so difficulties for me .

  So ,I must study hard now.

  Come on ,please.

  You have to believe you can do it.