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Later in the future

发表时间:2019年07月11日   作者:XM

  Some missed is really too many words, too much sadness and too much grievance in life. I don't want to say anything more.

  I can only silently observe your life and finally send you a sentence wishing you happiness. I'm sorry that the last time I didn't hold you tightly, maybe some people met was the last time in my life. I often follow you. You say you don't understand that, you don't understand that. Say I tell you something that makes you tired. I just let you grow up and share my experience so that you don't suffer too much. Finally, I found out that I disturbed others to see how much you care about me. I still couldn't move you.

  You probably didn't realize the feeling of loving someone. So you don't understand it like this. Never know how painful it is. Never know how much it hurts or how much it feels. Only hope that in the future you will meet the person who forgives you, understands your support and will give you everything. I admit that you left me without staying up all night. You know that when I saw the picture of you and him that night, my hands were shaking. I didn't sleep at night. I don't know what I was thinking. I always said don't make any decisions in the middle of the night. But that night I really decided to give up on you. I hope that when you love someone later, you will understand that feeling of being loved will never stop you from running to someone better than me.

  How much a person loves you can only be known by one person.