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If possible

发表时间:2019年07月11日   作者:XM

  Do you know the taste of waiting? Every time you sleep in the dim, your mobile phone suddenly vibrates.

  You think it's the news he sent, waking up from the dream in a panic, but nothing comes to you. Sometimes love deceives people, but time does not. Time tells you what is true and what is false. Maybe those who really love you never need your hard work to please them. You don't have to wait for someone's response on your cell phone, because the person who loves you won't keep you waiting. You don't have to worry about losing him tomorrow, because someone who loves you will accompany you to the end. There are many reasons that we all need to experience before we can understand.

  The sign of a person's maturity is not age, but learning to accept those unacceptable, compromise and say to oneself, "Forget it, it's too lazy to think about it. Forget it, it's not like to let oneself go through so hard. Time can make people see a lot, including love and dislove. In fact, what we want is not complicated, but to live a simple life with the people we like, two people can appreciate each other's good and understand each other's suffering.

  If we can, we only want to win one heart, never leave, never abandon, no matter how time passes, no matter how time changes, we will guard each other and never give up our affection.