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I'm leaving this time

发表时间:2019年07月11日   作者:XM

  You are busy, I can understand you chatting with others, I can also understand you chatting, deleting all information I still understand, but if one day I disappear in your world.

  Then you can understand, I insist on not talking with you, do not want you not not love you, try to alienate you because you give me the feeling that I am disturbing you. The so-called humiliation is that he stabbed you with a knife and said I love you. You forced out a smile in pain and said "Knife again". I also want to hear that I love you. I found it hard to put it down, but when I saw you, I was immediately beaten back to the prototype. In fact, I wasn't waiting for you, but it was very difficult to like other people.

  Well, you ignore me for one minute, I wait for five minutes and ignore me. I know you're busy for ten minutes and ignore me for maybe something. You ignore me for one hour and one day. I understand that you may be very important. Suddenly, you update your circle of friends without returning my message. It only takes five seconds to return a message. You won't even give me five seconds. Later, you will love me. This fool of yours is silly. My joys, sorrows and sorrows will not be because of you.

  This time I may really be gone.