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It's time to go.

发表时间:2019年07月10日   作者:XM

  You know, I decided to give up on you, not because I don't love you anymore, but because I really love you very much. But she has appeared beside you.

  You don't need me anymore. You know, sir, at the moment you agreed to be with me, I was really happy and happy to die. After we were together, we were really happy and loving. You were very kind to me, you would spoil me, you would love me, you would tolerate me, you would understand my occasional petty temper, but from you.

  The ex-girlfriend came back to find you everything has changed, you have changed a lot, you will not spoil me, will not tolerate me, I send you a few messages you will feel I am tired, I cry to let you accompany me you do not, and then you began to slowly alienate me, I send you messages are always perfunctory attitude, sometimes more direct ignore me, I When I opened the video for you, you were busy, and then I sent you a message to ask who you were playing the video with. You said that your ex-girlfriend, do you know how much my heart ached at that moment, like a needle, it hurts like death. I always know that you have her in your heart, but I also foolishly believed that one day you will be moved with my heart, but you did not, you still hurt me, I love you so much, in exchange for what you hurt again and again, I hope that the people you like in the future will not let you cry, will not let you suffer grievance will not ignore.

  You, not to give up you, had better always accompany you to protect you, the most important thing is that deep and hopeless like you, how can I take care of everyone's feelings?