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One-day tour of the Great Wall

发表时间:2019年07月07日   作者:韩徐凌

  Today I went to the Great Wall With my parents.

  The Great Wall is really beautiful. There are flowers, plants and trees everywhere. At first glance, it was beautiful and comfortable.

  And the Great Wall is very long. We've been walking for a long time and we can't finish it. It's sunny today. We're tired of walking. We stopped to eat some food. After a rest, we went on walking. It was not until it was too early that we returned.

  We took many pictures. We plan to use these photos to make postcards for our friends next time. They will love it!

  Today I am very happy. I will come back to the Great Wall next time. Hey, friends who are reading my composition, will you come with me?