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Not Arbitrarily Spending Money

发表时间:2019年04月18日   作者:Jom

  It’s another year when the new year is over, and the students must have a lot of money to spend the money. So how do we deal with these lucky money? This is a headache, then today I will let everyone see how I deal with these lucky money.

  In the past few days of the Chinese New Year, my grandfather, grandmother, grandmother, grandfather... have given me a lot of money, and these years of money are also quite a lot. How can I spend my money?

  Just a few days ago, I suddenly saw a little boy on TV. He was wearing a shiny head and wearing a mask. He could only see his eyes full of melancholy. From that eye, it can be seen. Do you know his longing for a better life and his expectations for a healthy body? He was less than eight years old and suffered from leukemia. His family members are all peasants. Now they are trying to raise money. His mother also said that even if it is selling iron, it must be This little boy's illness is cured, how pitiful it is! So, I did not hesitate to take half of the lucky money and donate it to the little boy. When I came back, I told my mother about it. My mother listened and praised me as a loving child!

  Of course, I put the rest of the money into the piggy bank, and then I will spend it when I want to buy stationery or buy something else.

  This is how I deal with the lucky money. What about you?