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发表时间:2019年04月15日   作者:Jom

  A tree, five dragonflies, not long leaves do not bloom. Do you know which body part is the answer to this riddle? Haha, can't guess, let me tell you, it's a finger.When it comes to fingers, we naturally think of its dexterity. It is our working tool and has helped us to do a lot of work. It is worthy of pride in this, it can accomplish tasks that cannot be done in other parts of the body.Fingers can force, can help us lift things; fingers will be flexible, can help us type quickly on the keyboard; fingers will do manual... Of course, the fingers are very obedient to the brain, they are a group of exemplary obedience soldier.Hands often get hurt, and an injured person can hurt. Sometimes a hand injury can also bleed, but blood is flowing out of the blood vessels. It should not be a fault of the hand! I am not too sure about this.For this hardworking hand, I also wrote a song for it:Hand, hand, hand,Work hard and never say "no".Have hardworking hands,Everything is not awkward.Have smart hands,You don’t have to worry about your life.Have strong hands,Overcoming difficulties does not retreat.Hand, hand, hand,Fight with me!