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Small goldfish

发表时间:2019年04月15日   作者:Jom

  My family has a small goldfish whose name is Huahua because it has colorful scales all over it.I have time to go see him. Every time I look at me with my round eyes, I seem to be talking about the little master. When you come back, I have to starve to death. When I put the food of the little goldfish down, she would swim and open her mouth and eat the fish food bit by bit. I sometimes took the branch to lick her, I haven’t touched him yet. . Fly fast. In a twinkling of an eye, I was eaten with dry light. I turned and glared at it. It opened its mouth as if to eat my brave. It seems to be saying that I am teasing me, I have to be angry. When the sun rises. My sun is coming through the window, and the scales of the flowers will sparkle and be beautiful. Once I watched TV, that little fish. It seems to be watching with round eyes. I may not turn off the TV. He is still screaming in the class and swimming there. It seems to be saying how to turn off the TV? I still want to see.I like my little goldfish flower.