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发表时间:2019年03月14日   作者:袁煜

  The beautiful scenery and beautiful environment of Shenguang Mountain is a beautiful scenic spot in our hometown.

  At the foot of Shenguang Mountain, I saw a strange large stone surrounded by colorful flowers that exude a charming fragrance. The majestic Shenguang Shanmen Building is engraved with the golden name "Shenguang Mountain" on the front and the gleaming big word "Prosperous and Peaceful" on the back.

  Walking into the Shenguangshan Square, the first thing you see is the waterfall. I saw the waterfall like a galaxy spurting, shining with glory, like a silver chain with silver. The splashing water drops like a round pearl. Just like Li Bai, written by the poet of the Tang Dynasty, "flying down three thousand feet, suspected that the Milky Way fell for nine days", it is refreshing.

  There is also a picturesque Nanshan Lake. Nanshan Lake is like a big mirror, and it is like a jade in the mountains. It is green, quiet and beautiful. The breeze blew, and the lake surface burst into the microwave, and the small fish jumped out of the water. Green trees, colorful flowers, reflected in the water, seem to be a beautiful watercolor.

  There are many scenes in Shenguang Mountain. There are peach gardens, verdant bamboo gardens, quiet Mei Garden, and lively sports parks...