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Music in my life

发表时间:2018年09月04日   作者:jjk15935

  As we all konw,music is a important part to everyone even this world.And I needn't emphasize the importance of listening to music.

  It is a big part of me,too.And it is getting more and more important to me.When I was a child,I used to not like music.But when I grow up,once I watched a computer game video,and I found myself was attracted by the bgm.It is so good.At that moment I fell in love with music.

  And I like to listen many kinds of music.Such as pop,jazz,rap,funk,etc.When I was sad or lonely,music is always a good friend to me.She go through the darkest days with me.And when I was happy,I like to listen music,too.So she is a big part of my life.

  It is really helpful to listen it when I am tired.It is the best way to chill.And when I listening music,I can feel all the troubles and problems go away,and I don't need to worry about anything.

  So choose some good songs to listen when you feel bad.It is really helpful.Hope you can enjoy it,too.