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The summer of harbin in 2018

发表时间:2018年07月09日   作者:袁野

  It is the 15th year that i have been in the city of harbin in heilongjiang province.So it is also the 15th summer that i have experienced. This summer is nothing special than before. Trees are still a wild profusion of vegetation;Grass is still green enough;Birds are still flying and singing all the time; Still so many people walking、laughing and shopping on the central street; Water of Songhua River is still so clean that attracts many fishing men.And the most beautiful scenery line is the delicious food street where there are generous dishes and food to enjoy.

  Everything almost never change this summer,but for me it is a bit different. Because a new member is added to my life which is a female cat named dimple.Dimple is adopted by me from a Vagrant Animals Association,and she is nearly five months old till now.Dimple is very cute and lovely,and i like her very much.When i was in my house,she is very sticky and always stay with me together.Although this is the first time that i adopt animal,i suppose if i have enough patience ,i can give this little life a warm home.So this summer for me is special and meaningful.