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Tomb-sweeping Day

发表时间:2018年04月16日   作者:残风

  It is Tomb-sweeping Day. We can't go back to that time, and we can't appreciate the tragic, painful and helpless of that age. The young boy was washed away by the war, picked up the weapon, defended the living dignity with wisdom and life, and defended the destiny of the nation. Man can't live in history, but it can't forget history. We should remember history and remember the brilliant stars that contribute to the independence and liberation of our nation. From 1937 to 1945, the eight years of the Anti Japanese war is extremely hard and bitter history, we should remember is not only to their selfless struggle and courage to sacrifice, but also to remember the depths of the spirit rooted in our national soul - shame, unwilling to work hard, unremitting self-improvement, refuse to be cowed or submit... I pay tribute to the Revolutionary Martyrs...