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go by

发表时间:2018年04月15日   作者:残风

  The sea thunder is a 80 "go by", he learn poetry experience quite amazing, even in the room busy work space, he is not a love of poetry. To him, the poem is like a light lamp on the road of hardship, which warms his heart and gives him the strength of his continuous forward.More than a dozen years ago, he was not in good condition, but he loved ancient poetry. What should I do? He went to the bookstore in his love poetry back down, and then go home to write on the paper.April showers bring May flowers。 The accumulation of years of thunder in the "General Assembly" China poetry stage in the third quarter to the world to show their achievements in the last years, competition in the finals, he has an absolute advantage than the five one, defeating "battlefield veteran Peng Min (who won the" General Assembly "Chinese poetry season second runner up), that their strength.A member of the audience said with emotion: "you silently recite on the road deiivery Tang, you refer to sneak in the library song, you read in every sun and rain after the Yuanqu, came out at this moment! Sure enough, life will not be ill treated in any effort to do it carefully, stick to the people. Congratulations! Win the champion!