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发表时间:2016年08月25日   作者:嘻嘻哈哈

  Spring is the start of a year. As the proverb goes “ the whole years work depends on a good start in spring." So undoultful, spring is the most important season as the start.

  The grass starts to lean curiously though the grand, and the ice begins to awake under the call of the sun. Some birds will fly back from the South to build their new houses, and other animals also turn to the earth to enjoy the new year. So do we people. We are getting busy after the winter vocation, and a new semester comes in to our way.

  It is time to start, to plant, to seed. It is time for making a plan, drawing a big-picture.The spring rain drops little by little onto the umbrellas, sounding like a song from the horn. And the sunshine's so warm, which makes people feel warm and powerful. It is the time to start, we don't need to wait anymore.